A First Date in Sheffield

Sheffield's demographic is heavily weighted towards the 18-24 year old age group. The large population of young people in Sheffield are fortunate to have a city and businesses more than willing to provide venues for activities they are interested in. In fact, the options for entertainment for all ages are wide open. Let's look at some possible first date scenarios within the city of Sheffield.

First of all, the young people of Sheffield are a little different than young people in many other places of the world. They may be slightly better educated because of the outstanding universities in the city, and they may be just a bit more liberal because of Sheffield's standing as a training ground for the popular music business. Other than that, they are going to be normal 18-24 year olds, and we all know what is on their minds.

A first date so breathtaking it makes both you forget about everything else in the world for an evening is just what they'll be looking for. Of course in Sheffield, the first choice may be live music at one of many great venues around the city.

For Sheffield youngsters, the most impressive offer for a first date may be a ticket to an up and coming band, or an already popular band. They come along quite often here, so there are some very good opportunities. Prices seem to be quite reasonable for tickets to these events. The Leadmill is probably the best chance to catch a hot up and coming band, but there are other opportunities around the city. Corporation is a non-mainstream club that has more alternative bands. You can go to the Boardwalk for Blues, or Folk Music. The Green Room also has Folk Music, along with some jazz. More Jazz and Folk Music can be found at Trippets, a smoky wine bar. Other choices include The Grapes, a great place to catch up and coming local talent, and the Casbah for rock and roll with local bands and DJ's.

Music and drinks not what you're looking for? O.K., the music is optional, but try and keep the drinks in if you can. For students, Sheffield University actually has clubs in the Student Union. You may not have to go any further than Bar One, or The Raynor Lounge. The Fox & Duck is also operated by the Student Union and is located in Broomhill. If you take a date there between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm, you can bring your own food, and not have to buy dinner. They even provide the condiments and cutlery, but you must buy a drink. You were going to anyway, so this is a perfect spot for a date.

Another way to go, and probably a better one, would find you on Division Street and West Street for a wide variety of choices for eating and drinking. The Golden Mile on Ecclesall Road is also has great eating and drinking spots. If you want to get away from the city, little spots in the countryside can be found for dining and drinking. Chequers at Froggat Edge, Fox House, The Moorlands at Owler Bar, and several others fit the bill nicely.

If you want to impress your date with how cultured you are, the well known Tudor Square theatre complex is the largest in the country outside of London. The Crucible Theatre may do it for you with a production from the Sheffield Theatre Group. If you go on a good night however, they also host sporting events, the World Snooker Championships is a must see. The Lyceum Theatre is in a great old building. It is the last of the Edwardian auditoriums in Sheffield, and the only theatre outside London designed by the famous architect W.G.R. Sprague.

You can also show how refined you are by proposing a stroll through Sheffield's Winter Gardens, and the Peace Gardens. Once restoration is complete on the Botanical Gardens, it too will also make for a romantic walk. The many museums and listed buildings make a great place to walk, talk, and look at things your date may find interesting.

Maybe your date would like a sporting event. Football, Rugby, Basketball, Ice Hockey, can all be seen at one of the wonderful stadiums built to host the World Student Games in the early 1990's. Don Valley Stadium and Sheffield Arena are just two places where many types of sporting events can be viewed. Sheffield hosts about thirty five championship events for many different sports during a year, so planning a couple of weeks could have you seeing the best athletes ply their trade. Sheffield's parks and countryside host four hundred events annually, which means there is something to do almost every day.

If you would prefer to be involved in a sport, the city is near many places for rock climbing and hiking. Peak District National Park is about five miles out of town, and there are two indoor climbing spots in the city. Sheffield Ski Village has many activities besides skiing and snow boarding. If you want to be involved but are not in great physical shape, go to the dog track. You can still be involved by betting on races, without the exertion of competing in one. The Owlerton Experience can be very classy with a dinner in The Panorama Restaurant at the racetrack. I'm not one to give dating advice, but here's a trick that few men know. Show your date just how brave you are, and bet all of your money for the evening on the first race. The ladies really like that, and you get to spend more time together on the walk home.

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