Sheffield Sites

JDM - are a Sheffield based driving school with high standards, experience and an excellent reputation.

Sheffield Business Directory - has a full list of companies and businesses in many different categories in the Sheffield area - providing a means for customers to search and compare companies and for businesses to advertise their services

SheffieldR - nostalgia, photos, forums - its all about Sheffield

South Yorkshire Transport - For all your transport news, views and issues in South Yorkshire.

YD Properties - can provide you with most aspects of joinery, property repairs, and property maintenance.

Sheffield Restaurant Guide - Sheffield Restaurant is a guide to restaurants in Sheffield. Search for restaurants, find news and events, reviews, special offers and discounts.

Sheffield Pub Guide - Sheffield Pub Guide a directory containing all the pubs in Sheffield. You can search for pubs, pub news, special offers and chat to pub goers.

ProScuba - is a dive club of friends who love to go diving and seeking adventure. We run courses from try dives to instructor levels, including technical diver levels for those that what that bit more.

Bungee Jumping - Possibly the ultimate adrrenaline activity. Indoor and outdoor venues available near Leeds, Sheffield, the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge and more.

Sheffield Wedding and Portrait Photographer - specialising in wedding photography, professional and publicity portraits for actors, models, the entertainment industry, corporate clients, individuals and family

Manor Games - Here in the North West of England, Manor Games has brought together regional games peculiar to Britain with traditional games from around the world to make up its Pub and Parlour range. These indoor games are complemented by the Village Green selection of traditional outdoor games.

Function5 Web Design - A professional web design company based in Yorkshire, England. An affordable website designer

Website Designs in Sheffield - Offering PC repair and website design in the Sheffield area.

Hypnotherapy Sheffield - Build confidence, enhance your attractiveness, polish your dating skills and enable the real you to shine through to others.

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